Meet the New Breeds


This past January I had a customer survey and one of the major requests was to have more dogs and cats. While there are so many colorings and breeds that I can't offer every single kind, I've added in 24 new variations!

New Cats and Dog Variations | Noticeably Noted

Meet the new cats (and dogs) on the block! Click on any name to see all products currently offered in that breed. Names with asterisks designate a new variation of a previously existing breed.

Row 1 (from left to right): Burmese, Border Terrier, Chartreux, English Springer (Black), Scottish Fold (Gray)*, Jack Russell (Smooth)*, Himalayan, Pug (Black)*, Norwegian Forest

Row 2: Pekingese, Birman, Stabyhoun, Sphynx, Old English Sheepdog, Burmilla, Australian Cattle Dog, Nebelung

Row 3: Cockapoo (Black)*, Turkish Angora, Havanese, Snowshoe, Samoyed, Turkish Van, English Springer (Brown)

You can also click here to see all the new cats or here for the new dogs.

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