How to: Personalize Products

One of the amazing features of this site is the large amount of customizations available. Even two people picked the notepad used in this example there are 2,760 color and font combinations to make it totally personalized to their tastes.

When you click on a personalized product, you'll see something like this:

Product Image | Noticeably Noted

Please note: visibility of images may appear as a carousel slideshow on mobile devices and some customizations aren't available on certain products as it would effect the overall design.

On the left side, several images appear. By clicking through them, you can see any color choices, font options, and a comparison showing any differentiations in sizes, envelope color, etc.

Color Options | Noticeably Noted

Font Choices | Noticeably Noted


Notepad Size Comparisons | Noticeably Noted

On the right side of the product page, you'll see all your selection options including things like Size, Page Count, Card Quantity, Envelope Color, Personalization field, etc. Please note that all these fields are required unless they are marked as optional.

Choice Selections | Noticeably Noted

Additionally, there are tabs that have the color and font charts again (where applicable), personalization guidelines and shipping times. Clicking the arrow tabs next to the titles of those tabs will hide or display the information.

Personalization and Color Options
Font Options Expanded

You can also find larger versions of these at the following links:

Color Options

Font Choices

Current Processing and Shipping Times

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